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Brief Status of Chotta Shimla Parking Complex.

a)     The work has been awarded to M/s Chotta Shimla Projects Pvt. Ltd on 5th August, 2010 for  250 ECS.

b)     Concession period is 30 years with the Concession Fee amounting to Rs. 36.00 lakhs per annum with an increase of 10% after every two years over the previous annual Concession Fee.

c)      The tentative cost of this project as per the RFP is Rs. 11.68 Crore.

d)     The Concessioning Authority and the Concessionaire fulfilled all its Conditions Precedent as per Article 4 of the Concession Agreement on 15-12-2012 and the Compliance Certificate was signed on 31.12.2012.

e)     The Project construction period was one year from the date of signing of Compliance Certificate.

f)       The structure was proposed to be construed for nine storeys. Ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor and 5th floor were proposed to be used as commercial area and 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th floor plus the terrace area was to be used as parking floors. Total built up area proposed for parking with terrace floors to be constructed was 7636.48 sqm and parking area achieved is 7695.91 sqm with 5 no’s floors i.e. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th,   with terrace slab area. Total commercial area with 4 floors proposed was 2748.00sqm (Maximum 30000sqft) and commercial area achieved is 2788.36 sqm with Ground floor 1st floor, 2nd floor and 6th floors as commercial floors. 

g)     The parking complex was inaugurated for public on 07-04-2016 for 250 ECS.

h)     Final completion report has been submitted by the Independent Engineer 06-10-2016.

i)        As per final completion report submitted completion plan has been submitted to Govt. for approval for some relaxations vide letter no MCS/AP/158/AP/18-862-63 dated 23-02-2018.

j)        Government has raised Observations i.e (NOC from HPPWD & Forest be obtained) before approval of completion plan vide letter no. TCP-F(6-I/2018 dated 24-05-2018.

k)     A patch of Forest Land is involved for obtaining NOC from Forest Department which requires transfer of forest land. Now FCA case for transfer of forest land has been uploaded online on 04-11-2019. FCA matter under process.

l)         As per completion report submitted by Independent Engineer the value added services as proposed in the project and actually achieved are as per listattached.(Annexure‘A’).

The Concessionaire has filed a case in arbitration and the matter is pending before Sole Arbitrator Cum Principal Secretary(LAW)for adjudication.


Status of Development of Car parking Complex at Sanjauli parkings Constructed on DBOT Basis:

a)       The work has been awarded to M/s Tantia Sanjauli parkings Private limited Kolkata for a concession period of 30 years on dated 18th Nov., 2010 with the concession fee amounting to Rs 95 lacs per annum with an increase of 10% every two years over the previous annual concessionfee.
This parking complex is to be constructed on 2500 Sqm ground area and the structure has Nine storey out of which lowest seven floors are to be used as parking floors where about 400 vehicles can be parked on these floors. The top two floors are to be used for commercial purpose. The tentative cost of this project is amounting to Rs. 24.70 Crore.

b)       The Compliance Certificate was signed on 08.10.2012. The Project construction period was one year from the date of signing of compliance certificate which was up to 07.10.2013 but M.C. Shimla has given one more year extension for construction which was up to 07.10.2014 and again MC Shimla has granted 4 years and 8 months Provisional extensions till 30-06-2018 with damages due to delay. MC Shimla has rejected further extension as concessionaire has failed to deposit concession fee.

c)       The parking complex was inaugurated on 09.04.2015 and opened for public usage. The Concessionaire is in breach of its obligations under the concession agreement so show cause notice has been issued to the Concessionaire under various clauses of the agreement. The construction performance security of Rs.1 Crore has been forfeited for delay of project on dated 26-07-2018.

d)       The Concessionaire has filed case in Hon’ble High Court H.P for the interim relief regarding Application on behalf of Petitioner under Section 9 of Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 for interim measures. The Hon’ble High Court on dated 31-08-2018 has passed the order to maintain the status quo qua. Further, due to very less progress at the project site, the Concessioning Authority (Municipal Corporation Shimla) has issued “Termination Notice” to the concessionaire on 15-05-2019. After issuing termination notice concessionaire has filed an arbitration case before the Sole Arbitrator Cum Principal Secretary (LAW) for adjudication. Next date of hearing is 25-11-2020.

  Present Status at site:-    

 Parking Portion of the main car parking complex:This portion of the parking complex consists of Basement+ Ground floor and seven numbers of floors. The structure work in basement + ground floor and eight floors (8th floors) has been completed and the operation of Car parking is being run w.e.f 09-04-2015 by the concessionaire. Approximate 300 No’s of vehicles are being parked in these floors. The ninth (9th floors) terrace slab work is being carried out by the Concessionaire and work is still pending. 

Chhota Shimla Site of main parking complex:In this portion of complex, RCC work in framed structure for two stories building has been constructed and columns for third have been casted. Also regarding the issue of front projection i.e. on road side for which reinforcement had already been laid out C.C work has not been done, Concessionaire stated that some directions have been given by Hon’ble High Court of H.P due to which the work has been stopped. Facts regarding same are being verified.

Sanjauli Side Portion of main Parking Complex: - In this portion ground floor+ seven floors as exist in the parking portion of the main complex has been taken for construction. Partial work of site development along with partial construction of Retaining wall has been constructed. But, some sliding from hill side, concessionaire has stopped the further work and now this portion work of complex is pending.


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